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Shiva and the Shakti tied wit the knot in Baba Baidyanatha,Deoghar.
  86 Comments Akash Rajput

Baba Baidyanatha – The Most Sacred abodes of Shiva. “Baba Baidyanatha Dham” or “Baba Dham” all these names for this one of the most sacred jyotirlinga. Shiva, the guru of all, the “Adi yogi”, the creator of this universe had something special with this place. That’s why Baba Baidyanatha jyotirlinga is one of the most […]

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Queue at the Jasidih Railway station
  248 Comments Akash Rajput

“Shraavana” a month in the Hindu calendar, between July and August. In the month of Shraavana, a mela is organized every year called “Shravani Mela”. As I said in another blog to visit the Baba Baidyanath temple in this Shravani Mela, because of its mythological significance. What Hindu mythology say? The Hindu mythology tells the […]

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We friends playing Holi on the streets of Mathura
  5,476 Comments Akash Rajput

“The land of Lord Krishna”, Mathura, from where the meaning of love has come into existence. “The land of Love” where Lord Krishna the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu and also the supreme God in his own right took birth. He is the god of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love. We all know how he […]

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Sunset view atop the SajjanGarh Monsoon Palace, Udaipur
  350 Comments Tarun Singh

Udaipur, the name to some might suggest a grandeur of cultural exhibitions and medieval architecture while to others it might be the fresh green water of its numerous lakes. But to me, It is the the perfect blend of culture and nature. The pride of ancient nationalism and royal experience with its palaces makes it […]

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The Symbol Of Pride, Honour and Courage
  109 Comments Tarun Singh

In the land of forts, the name which shines the most, which draws most attention owing to its title of being ‘The Largest fort in Asia’, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and above all a true symbol of pride, honour, will and courage – Chittorgarh Fort After a bustling couple of days in Udaipur, what […]

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Outside view of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Gyanvapi Mosque
  1,673 Comments Akash Rajput

“Kashi Vishwanath Temple” the temple for which “Varanasi” is famous, the temple with countless history, a history that will force your mind to think, what was our culture? and what happened to it? This “Kashi Vishwanath temple” is history itself, if anyone who wants to write on this temple can easily write a book on […]

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Everything about Varanasi (foods and places)
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“Varanasi”, “Kashi”, “Banaras”, all three names of this beautiful city. A city of Lord Shiva, a city with temples, a city with good food, a city with our holy river the Ganga, a city with amazing streets in India, a city with astounding history. Overall, we can say that a city with everything. Everything that […]

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Varanasi – the city of lights
  292 Comments Akash Rajput

Varanasi – the city of lights, this city contains two names, names that are connected to the holy Ganga, i.e., Varuna and Assi tributaries of Ganga flowing in this sacred city. Varuna is still flowing in the northern Varanasi and Assi today a small stream in the southern part of the, near Assi Ghat. If […]

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