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Wagah Border
  Akash Rajput

“19th May 2018”, we were four friends when an abrupt plan hit our mind and we made a plan to visit “Wagah Border” it’s been 3 years now since we visited there still the memories of the place is clear and now on this 75th Independence Day, I thought let’s help people to know more […]

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बॉर्डर पार वाला गांव !!

तुम उस बॉर्डर पार वाले गांव को तरह हो गई हो…!!जहां का हमें कुछ नहीं पता…!!सिर्फ लगता है… वो हमसे नफ़रत करते हैं…!!पर जब ख़ुद में झाका तो…!!तो.. ऐसा लगा हम भी तो बॉर्डर पार वाले हैं…!!क्या हम उनसे नफ़रत करते हैं…?जवाब तो सामने था मेरे…!!पर अब किसे कहता…?? किसे सुनता…??क्यों की लोग तो देश […]

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night view from Gwalior fort
  Akash Rajput

It’s always been more than 13 reasons to do something, but when you decide to visit some places then, 13 reasons are quite good reasons to visit. So, will mention all the 13 Reasons why you should visit Gwalior. Gwalior, a city that has contributed a significant part to the history of India. A city […]

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let her go
  Akash Rajput

Yes…There was a girl… & I got close….Yes.. close in a way that I never wanna let her go…Close in a way, that dreaming a life with her… Nothing was there… Just me, her, and us, and that was forever…Yes.There was a girl… & I got close..But!! situations, surroundings, and survival were tough…And everything got […]

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view of Gwalior fort
  Akash Rajput

Yes, you are reading about one of the most significant forts in Indian history. It is a fort with its glorious history and magnificent architecture that still holds this beauty high in the sky. Gwalior Fort, Madhya Pradesh is a real piece of art. This fort has evidence from the 1st and 2nd centuries BC. […]

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Gujari Mahal, Gwalior Fort
  Akash Rajput

Gujari Mahal was built by Raja Man Singh for his princess Mrignayani, a Gujar princess. All we know, she demanded a separate palace for herself with a regular water supply through an aqueduct from the nearby Rai River. Let me tell you an interesting story of this Gujar princess. Once back in time Raja Man […]

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Zero Temple, Gwalior Fort
  Akash Rajput

When you do a small trek from Gujari Mahal to Gwalior Fort in between the main entrance of the fort and Gujari Mahal, you will find Zero temple. This Zero temple, Gwalior Fort is the second oldest record of “zero” in the world. It was found in a small temple in Gwalior Fort, known as […]

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a picture from the Bahubali hills.
  Akash Rajput

While talking about traveling, what we all think? It’s a kind of mixture of thoughts, isn’t it? What kind of mixtures? What are we going to need on this trip or in this adventure? Or what actual thing we need on this trip? Like all these countless thoughts. So, here in this article, I am […]

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