Places to visit in Rourkela

Rourkela – Mini India, rich with diversity, cultural adversities, a different set of people living together creating a beautiful family. The cleanliness, the scenic beauty, the greenery, the roads everything imprints on your heart. Oh, sorry How can I forget the food, it has the world’s best street foods stall all around the city. This blog on places to visit in Rourkela will help you understand this beautiful city.

Rourkela city is located at 84.54E longitude and 22.12N latitude in the northwestern tip of the Indian state of Odisha (Orissa) in Sundergarh district at an elevation of about 219 meters above mean sea level. The name Rourkela is coined from the local language of Sadri, which means “Your Village” (Rour = Your & Kela comes from the word “Kila” which means Village). It comes under the Sundergarh district of the Indian state of Odisha.

As I referred to earlier, it is embedded with lots of greenery and scenic beauty, with lots of places to visit if you’re an atheist. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit and seek blessings from the heavens.

Therefore, I would like to tell you about the Places to visit in Rourkela, which you’re absolutely going to love. Definitely, more if you’re a nature lover!

Places to visit in Rourkela

1. Khandadhar Waterfalls

Khandadhar Waterfalls, Places to visit inn Rourkela
Khandadhar Waterfalls

15km from NH215 near Lahunipara, this Natural Paradise exists. Falling from a deeply sloppy mountain flat on the surface. This fall emerges as the point of the sword and hence is named so.

It is a bit difficult to locate Khandadhar, but once you reach there, the feeling of the long and uncomfortable journey becomes totally worth it. In the middle of dense forest, this waterfall is like a breath of fresh air. It is a lovely gift for nature lovers. Odisha govt has developed many eco-tour sites for stay for tourist, there are cottages there for night stay along with many facilities.

The distance between Rourkela and Khandadhar Falls, Sundagarh is 58 km. The Best and cost-effective way to get from Rourkela to Khandadhar Falls, Sundagarh is to take a  with your awesome company of course, which costs ₹90 – ₹100 and takes 2h 29m. This is the bare minimum that can be spent to witness this beautiful place.

2. Darjing

Are you a scenery lover?? This place surely falls on your bucket list. By NH23 towards Rajamunda, on the Brahmani river banks, the beautiful picnic spot lies, Darjing. It is a small village some 45 km away from Rourkela, it is a popular tourist spot for its soothing landscape. The peace, the music of water, Ah that peace !! There is no such knowledge of transportation, you may hire a ride by road to enjoy this scenic beauty straight out of a Bollywood movie.

3. Badalgiri

Badalgiri, Places to visit in Rourkela

This Hidden Twin Waterfall (Badalgiri & Soleguda ) is a hidden treasure in the valley of Gurundia. The location takes approximately 2 hrs to reach. This is a beautiful scenic spot located near the dense forest of Bamra-Gangpur forest in Sundergarh District. You can go here by motorbike and needs almost 3 hours on this Trip.

From Rourkela via Gurundia To Badalgiri. The roads are very steep & 3rd phase is dangerous ghats but everything is worth it.  It is one of the most beautiful Waterfalls. This place offers beauty and pleasure to the eyes and offers a proper location for trekking on rocky stairs with your gang to witness the hidden treasure. And a very important suggestion, have proper shoes or gunboots for the trekking, yeah, thank me later. The waterfall itself is amazing and beautiful, the nature sounds, the stream of water is cold, clear, and very refreshing, to explore its depth, is totally a good idea.

4. Hilltop, Rourkela

Yes the jackpot, If you want to feel the entire beauty of Rourkela altogether, this is the place, the heaven. It gives you a pleasant air breezing your face. The beautiful location of this place will help you find your peace. The divine beauty itself lets you forget the entire hectic day that you had. It perfect place for me time. You have to Climb the rocky path to reach the spot. The best time to visit is sunrise or sunset.

5. Pitamahal Dam

Pitamahal Dam, Places to visit in Rourkela
Pitamahal Dam

This dam is near village Balanda, around 22.3 km away from the city of Rourkela. You can either hire a ride or by bike you can have a drive to the exact location. The best time to visit this is the winter season, though it looks beautiful in and around every time you may get your eyes upon it.

This dam is located on the Pitamahal river. The dam has a total length of 660.20 m. The dam has a maximum height of 25.96 m.

One of the various picnic spots in and around Rourkela, this is always the best one. The natural beauty of the surrounding areas and the cool water of the dam offer relaxation to the mind and body in today’s busy world. Wanna have an escape from the chaos in the city … you’re welcome.


Mandira dam, Places to visit in Rourkela
Mandira dam

This beautiful dam is located near Kansbahal in Sundergarh district, Odisha, India. It is built on the Sankh River, located 16 km upstream from Mandira. The water from the dam is used for Rourkela Steel Plant. Despite its uses, it also offers beautiful views ..mostly in cloudy and rainy weather. The Greenery around, the silence will steal your heart. It’s a lovely place that may make your heart smile.

It is a drive of 26 km from Rourkela.

7. Harishankar waterfall

It is one of the natural gems of Odisha, the Harishankar Fall known as a popular pilgrimage site in the state. The fall finds its special place on the southern side of Gandhamardan hills in the Rourkela City of Odisha. This attraction is situated in the heart because the famous Harishankar Temple is attached to it. Pilgrims visit this famous temple, offer their prayers to two divine Hindu deities whose names are brought together as Harishankar where Hari stands for Vishnu and Shankar stands for Shiva. It takes almost 8 hrs to reach the destination. You may hire a ride or by bus or train or if you’re a lover of long drive, this is for you.

You may experience here a combination of both soothing chants and chimes of the temple and the cold breeze, and the landscape.

The list of it is never-ending. Rourkela is entirely blessed with such kind Picturesque landscapes, that will mesmerize you and forever etch in your memory. That’s why this blog on places to visit in Rourkela will never be accurate or we can say never be perfect because this city will show you something new everytime.

Don’t forget to share your experience after visiting these places.

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