A Women

“Dear women”, Don’t really know from where to start??? But yes I surely know that this has to come out..As a woman I wanna let it out… let’s start from the beginning.. When A baby girl takes birth

. And cuddles, smiles, does everything the same way a baby boy does.. But still there lies a difference.. Difference in the eyes of the beholder.. Who has more love and care for the latter.

From childhood I could feel it.. Sense it, that I m not celebrated enough. Eventually I became a teenager ok not a normal one I must say.. A bit rebellious one will be apt.

A women like me always had great ambitions to have my own career, a good bungalow,and a luxurious life may be… but before that I wanted to be me a happy me minus all these luxurious comfort.

I grew up a little more and could see I had wings but just for trees not for that sky…

Struggled… did complete my education.. And yess you guessed it right Got Married… .

Life took a crazy turn…

Everything somehow changed like a magical wand had been used by someone.

Though pursued my career… work… family everything was on rocks.. Needed to be balanced.

My two daughters arrived.. And lo and behold I realized what I had been through.. What I needed then?

Yes, I realized these were the old age traditions being followed… My daughters were treated the same as I was years ago.

God’s willingly not my own family had the same beliefs yet there were people.

Now the point is why?

Why can’t a baby girl be celebrated?

Why can’t she opt for a choice of career which she dreams of?

Why can’t she take a step toward what she wants and desires for?

Ok now there would be readers giving me a lot of examples of empowering personalities…

But The ground zero has different story to say..

Not everyone is privileged as much.. Still there are lot of stories.. Real stories of torture and what not.

Being a wife, a mom, and lot more relationship that she survives with is not enough?

Why this patriarchy?

Why this urge to keep women at submissive position always?

If coming back to my story,

Yup, gonna talk about how my life turned..

How, From worrying about my homework in school.. And worrying about my assignments in college or worrying about my deadlines for work at job.. From thinking about how to impress my in-laws as a newly wedded bride and getting comfortable with husband and family..

Now I m here,  a mother of two babies.. worrying about diapers and feeding them… Making them sleep on time.. ( losing my sleep though… Which is making me insane?

Just a thought crossed my mind.. What I was and what I have become..

What has got onto a girl.. Who use to be ambitious.. Come what may.. Wanted to create name of her own.. Despite the difficulties coming In way.. She wished to do something on her own..

And how come She just melted in to a sacrificing lady..

Who has words but no stand any more..

Who has mind but not the right to take decisions anymore..

Or may be she can take decisions but not gonna worked on..

I ain’t complaining , or it’s not like I ain’t happy.. But still I miss that girl.

God has blessed me with two little angels.. And I thank God for that whole heartedly..

Even after going through a lot of pain and hard work in maintaining a job, family, relationship, and everything still you have to look beautiful all the time as if you are a runway model. You may get a warning to be beautiful, or else you will ultimately become the reason for adultery that your husband might commit… Yes! You understood it right.. Coz you aren’t beautiful for his eyes!

As you have given up on yourself, that’s what you hear. You might also be considered not the same person just because you’re not able to maintain yourself.

Suddenly your sulken face, stretch marks everything will have impact on your married life.

Ok not yet over still!

If you Anytime collect sort of a little courage to speak your mind, tell them about your dilemma, your inner chaos. No one would try to have an ear to it.

If you take your stand against something or make your mind onto something, you will be given names, cursed or super easy you will be entitled as Feminist, feminazis , etcetera

Yess, or you’re raped to show your position that you can’t be ever superior  then so called “Mard” . You heard it right .

Glad to see the new dialogue in The family man series 2 in the context when Shri. Manoj Bajpayee ji said “Mujhe Mard banne ka koi shauq nahi hai! “

I felt that dialouge was so apt, You are “Man” and you don’t need to prove your masculinity.. You’re and that gonna show it nevertheless.

You don’t need to pull down #Women to show your supremacy.

Now the Question is why I m writing all this!

It is.. Self- realization.. Ahaan time to realize what you are!

Aren’t we the pillars on which the whole home lies on??

Aren’t we  helping them to build generations?

Aren’t we the one without whom they can’t even find their T-shirts.??

We are everything that makes their survival so easy breezy.

So ladies it’s time to buckle up realize your own worth.

I heard somewhere “Don’t let people decide your worth, it will always be less than what you’re worthy of “.

And it hit me.

Realize your inner potential. Take the first step towards your dream regardless of what circumstances may come, (Ok don’t ignore the family, but try convincing them).

There is nothing wrong in us.

But There’s is something entirely wrong with the thoughts that girls are fed on from their childhood.. And this is the result of that may be.


But just a request to think what thoughts are we going to install in our little daughters..

Let’s not repeat the same stories..

Let’s make them turn into “Them”.. Whatsoever they wanna be  and howsoever..

If you don’’t have a say… Your daughter would take it the same way.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, you would have heard it a lot but beauty also lies in the soul, the nature, enhance that…

Enlighten from within.. Glow from the inner light you possess.

You may become a path for so many women out there who are tolerating everything in silence.

So lets just see how to support our daughters in a way in which they feel encouraged, inspired and confident.. Who can challenge the patriarchy deeply rooted in our society.

Self love is the best!

Empower yourself… Empower women around you!

And yeah Don’t Forget to smile.. Coz You’re forever and ever Beautiful.

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