a picture from the Bahubali hills.

While talking about traveling, what we all think? It’s a kind of mixture of thoughts, isn’t it? What kind of mixtures? What are we going to need on this trip or in this adventure? Or what actual thing we need on this trip? Like all these countless thoughts. So, here in this article, I am gonna tell you “12 things we need while traveling”

It doesn’t matter that how many things we need while traveling, the only thing matter is, how you do your trip? How successful has it become? Or how memorable one?

From my experience as I am a bachelor with limited pocket money. But still, I manage to take a good trip all over the year. Visiting different parts of the country with that small money in my pocket. The question is how? How a bachelor who has limited money can manage so much traveling?

You know past few trips of mine are really so well that I can’t tell you, either it was “Holi in Mathura” or “trek to Tungnath Mahadeva/ Chandrasila” or “Khajuraho” or “Udaipur” you can count on anyone.

My basic thing for traveling, I prefer to tell these “12 ingredients” while traveling. So, what they are?

Here we go…!!

view from the top of Chandrashila
View from the top of Chandrashila.

12 things we need while traveling

Starting with the first and most important thing while traveling !!

  1. Planning: Isn’t this funny? You thinking that everyone does this? But really? Do we plan our trip? Think once? Planning is the most important factor for traveling. Plan well while traveling, because when it fails it cost you hard. So, go with proper planning.
  2. Monitoring of the place: It’s so obvious that we read about the place while visiting there, but please monitor it from now on, monitoring includes, everything like people there surroundings there and etc.
  3. Monitoring of weather: While monitoring, monitor the weather too, it’s so important that if you miss this it will cost you. For instance, if you are traveling to mountains then it’s a necessary thing for you to monitor the weather of the place.
  4. Read about the foods: Many people from my group are not very good with the foods that we eat while traveling. So, if you are planning to visit any place, read about the foods of that place. For instance, if you are North Indian when you visit South India then you will find completely different food there, same goes with the South Indian people.
  5. Figure out your travel budget: Either you are rich or normal middle-class people everyone needs a budget, no matter big or small but we all do. When you have small budget then figuring your budget will help you lot.
  6. Decide your partner: Deciding a partner is hell lot of work. It seems easy but believe me its not. Going on a small trip is something different with your favourite buddies but when it comes to long trip things may change, they will become pain in the, you know what.
  7. Choose a destination: Don’t think this is lame, actually it’s very important, I have seen many people they will see someone else traveling somewhere now they will decide to go there. Its good to do that but plan yourself first. For instance, if someone is ready to trek on Mt. Everest after watching their Instagram story you without planning go for trek. So, you know what happens next.
  8. Research: “Research” you know what it means. So do it carefully. It is an important factor for your traveling.
  9. Make a chart: “Chart” make it, what are you going to do while traveling it will save so much of your time. Try it you will find difference.
  10. Which season is best for that place: Where ever you go after watching the weather, the way these couple of years has gone it’s kind of difficult to say what is going to happen next?
  11. Book Hotels: I am not very big fan of booking hotels though because I find cheap and good hotels through wandering. But if you love comfort, then please book it.
  12. Transportation and Stay: It depend how you visit the place by which means of transportation but add these things in your budget. The same goes with your stay. Go with the proper planning, how many days you goanna stay.

In my opinion, these are the 12 things we need while traveling. Go with all these on your mind and you will surely have a great trip. From this, you can get the magic of traveling and the true exposure of your trip. Don’t think you have to remember all these points just read them then you will know how it’s gonna be.

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