view from Orcha temple

Everything first is always a great experience, either it’s a trip or something else if you are doing it for the first time it will be memorable, usually, people tell don’t ruin it if it’s your first time because no one wants his first experience to be bad. So, when I decided to have my first solo trip it was quite a mixed feeling for me, a boy who is living a bachelor’s life for around 12 years is hesitating to have his first solo why?

When I started this website, I was thinking, I will explore places and will give the best knowledge of the place to the people who want to visit the same place. But never thought of someday I have to travel alone but it was fun and frustrating at the same time.

It’s been more than a week now as I have returned from the trip still figuring that how I felt to have my first solo?

It was good.

It was good because I really explored myself and learned something new and most importantly, I felt it’s good to give some time to yourself and detox your mind. Once a person told me “You need people around you to make you feel happy” so it was also a test for me to check whether is it true or what?

So, at least I have the answer. No, I don’t.

So, how was my solo?

Talking about the solo, it’s not the sole thing you have to discuss when you are traveling solo. There are many more to that. During my trip it was raining in Delhi, Delhi rains mean less happiness more irritation. So, starting off my trip started with an irritation. And at my destination it was excess hot, so, it was also an irritation too. But the most important thing about this trip is I checked my management skills and it was quite good. See the difference in solo trips is people when you travel in a group there are people and everyone has their work according to their knowledge, but here you have to be all in one.

So, everything you have to do is for you and there is no known person to help you. There were some frustrating moments too in the trip, but when you know you have to deal with them alone then it goes automatically, although one phone call helped me form that. And telling from my experience google maps are good but don’t completely rely on that.

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