this is what we do in long distance relationship, we hope we will meet one day with our partner.

LDR – Long-distance Relationship is not that easy but a beautiful experience that you must have at least once in a lifetime. A long-distance relationship is when you and your partner live in different cities or states or countries, and still, you have the feeling of love borne by your hearts.

LDR- Reasons to experience it once in a lifetime.

Love itself is a rollercoaster ride but LDR is an unknown rollercoaster itself… From where it begins to where it ends, there is no clue.

LDR even becomes more interesting when somehow you don’t see your partner but just chat hmmm… Like a blind date may be., Where you get impressed by the words, their thoughts, way of expressing their emotions.

You get a chance to know them by their heart and physical appearance doesn’t matter as such.

The first sight of your partner when you meet for the first time is divine. That beautiful feeling can never match the “rozana” date wala love.

Let’s see what are the reasons that make LDR- an experience of a lifetime.

“Ishq Par Jor Nahi Hain Ye Aatish “Galib”, Ki Lagaaye Nia Lage Bujhaye Na Bujhe”


When you are in a LDR, you get to communicate with your partner really well, coz the only way to connect with each other is to Talk, a lot of talking… so it gives you a scope for better understanding of not only words but also it helps in building a strong emotional attachment.

“Esharat-E-Katara Hai Dariya Me Fana  Ho Jana, Dard Ka Had Se Guzarana Hain Dawa Ho Jana”


LDR becomes even bittersweet when you are engaged in a fight with your partner, as there is no scope of meeting face to face… The only option left is to resolve it on phone or face time and your words are the only aid that you possess except for any fancy gifts or dinner dates, And zabaan se behtar koi Marham na Hua dard mitane ko!

Your conflict resolves with a better equation each time you have a fight.

“Dil Se Teri Nigah Jigar Tak Utar Gayi, Dono Ko Ek Adaa Me Rajamand Kar Gayi”

– Ghalib

Yes, if you get this, you can literally know the difference between love or lust. It’s your heart that does the speaking, not your hormones… More and more heart and soul are involved… Less physical intimacy.

“Dard Minnat Kash-E-Dawa N Hua, Main N Achchha Hua Na Bura Hua.”


LDR provides you individuality, coz meeting every day and spending a lot of time together makes you and your partner synchronized in your behavior and habits.

You imbibe each others traits in you at that point your individuality dies.

But in LDR your personality remains, there may be some changes, but I hope good ones though.

“Mohabbat Me Nahi Hai Farq Jeene Aur Marane Ka, Usi Ko Dekh Kar Jeete Hai Jis Kafir Pe Dam Nikale”


You appreciate the moments spent with your partner as the meetings are not so soon ones. You try to make a lot of memories when you are together. And you try to reach out beyond limits to make your partner feel special and loved may it be a romantic date or a picnic or a long drive, anything you might love to have with your partner.

Kitana Khauf Hota Hai Shaam Ke Andhero Me, Punchh Un Parindo Se Jinake Ghar Nahi Hote

– Ghalib

Patience naturally comes to you when you are in a LDR. There are many times when you need your partner in the time of your emotional ups downs or if there is good news you want to share instantly and can’t reach them. Wait for them to connect is what patience looks like.

This patience not only helps you in making your relationship work but also helps you in character building.

Tere Wade Par Jiye Ham, To Yah Jaan, Jhuth Jana, Ki Khushi Se Mar N Jate, Agar Etbaar Hota.


Trust the big word is the unique selling price of any relationship when it is easier to maintain when you and your partner meet daily or weekends, it becomes really difficult at times for the ones who are in LDR, it tests you every now and then.

But also you will find the local relationship doesn’t live longer, when the storm of separation hits for either you or your partner are shifting for a job or higher education, it’s likely to break. It does not withstand the trust.

In LDR you start trusting having faith on your partner without a pinch of distrust.

“LDR – Long-distance relationship” works for a lot of people, not for many too but trying it once is never a bad idea.

I hope this article “LDR – Long-distance relationship” convinced you enough to have one.

Though don’t just follow my advice yet…

For once in a lifetime you meet a person with whom you don’t need to fight your bad things.

You get everything from that person which completes you in every way. You really don’t need to be exactly naked to be naked before that person. The nakedness of thought, heart, and soul would matter not how you look physically. Both of your souls would do the talking and your eyes the way of communication. Not only words but that person would also value your silence. In a place full of people, your heart would skip its beat every time your eyes fall on that person.

The magical twinning of souls not just clothes, then you get your ever forever partner .

Hope you get love-stricken soon.

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