We friends playing Holi on the streets of Mathura

“The land of Lord Krishna”, Mathura, from where the meaning of love has come into existence. “The land of Love” where Lord Krishna the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu and also the supreme God in his own right took birth. He is the god of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love. We all know how he celebrated “Holi”. So, this Holi we decided to play Holi in Mathura and get Holi vibes from this pious land. This blog is on “Holi in Mathura – A worthy experience.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the types of Holi that are celebrated in Mathura. Yes, there are many varieties of Holi that are celebrated, If I get more accurate then, this year it was “nine” different types of Holi were celebrated. Starting from 22nd of March till 29th of March, Holi celebrated in Mathura and nearby places. And the basic things you will need to know if you are planning to visit Mathura in Holi.

Banke Bihari Temp[e, Vrindavan
Holi in Banke Bihari Temp[e, Vrindavan

Types of Holi in Mathura

  1. “Laddu Holi” in Sri Ji Temple: As you can predict the type of Holi that is celebrated there, in Sri Ji Temple people play Holi with “Laddu”. This year in Mathura Holi started with this tradition.
  2. “Lathmaar Holi” in Barsana: “Lathmaar Holi” one of the famous types of Holi that are being played here, everyone in India knows about the “Lathmaar Holi”
  3. “Lathmaar Holi” in Nand Bhawan: This “Lathmaar Holi” is celebrated in two different parts of the same city.
  4. “Holi with Flowers” and “Rangbharni Holi” in Banke Bihari Temple: These are not only Holi but are rituals that are performed to Lord Krishna.
  5. Special Events in Mathura and Shri Krishna Temple: Experiencing Holi in Mathura is something you can never forget a totally different vibe you will get.
  6. Holi in Gokul: “Gokul” a place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. This place has some different vibe, it is approx. 15 km. from Mathura Jn.
  7. “Widow’s Holi” in Vrindavan: “Widow’s Holi” in Vrindavan is celebrated to respect the widows and to show respect for Lord Krishna.
  8. “Holika Dahan” Banke Bihari Mandir and Mathura Vishram Ghat: Holika Dahan in all over Mathura is so amazing but if you want something special or feel the vibe then visit Banke Bihari Mandir or Mathura Vishram Ghat.
  9. Holi with water in “Dwarka Dhish Temple and Braj”: As this is the day when there is Holi in all over India, you can visit any place in Mathura and play Holi.

Note: All these events were of Holi 2021, venue may change in Holi 2022.

Thandai on the roads of Mathura
Thandai on the roads of Mathura

The basic things you will need in Mathura

If you are planning to play Holi in Mathura, then there are some basic things that I want to share with you all based on my personal experience.

  1. Go with proper planning, that how you want to spend your days in this festive season.
  2. Be careful from the Monkeys of Vrindavan, they are experts in snatching your belongings like specs., Mobile phones, wallets and etc. We were lucky enough regarding that.
  3. Be careful from the pickpockets and the shoe stealer, there are many in Mathura and Vrindavan.
  4. Book your hotels on your own, don’t go to any “middlemen” with the promise of the false bargain.   
  5. If you are visiting Holi, then must try the “Thandai” of Mathura, you will simply love it.

Why Holi in Mathura?

As I have mentioned earlier that, this pious land belongs to Lord Krishna and he himself has given this city many things, from his childhood to his adolescence, he played in these streets only and that can be seen on the faces of the people residing there also you would never get a chance to know how immersed you would feel to the same. So, if in this case if you have in your mind to visit this happening place bubbling with colours and play Holi in Mathura, then I will surely recommend you to visit and play Holi in this pious land. And of course, if you have a good taste in traveling too.

Allow me to share some of the heavenly glimpses of Holi in Mathura….

Roads of Mathura day before Holi
Roads of Mathura day before Holi

Streets flooded with colour

A small story or you can say that a small experience I am going to share here.

You know I have seen Holi in different parts of the country but here in Mathura Holi is quite exciting. The streets were filled with colours, you will not believe me, but that’s true. I was like “Oh god!! Have they gone insane?”  so much colour, so much music, so much dance everything was so extra there, all these moments were worthy to remember. As I am writing this here, I can still feel that vibe of those streets.

Afternoon at 2 P.M. on the day of Holika Dahan a rath yatra started from Dwarka Dhish Temple all around the city and ended at the same point. As the yatra continued people from their terrace threw colours to the people who were participating in the yatra and we were full of colours. When we started the yatra we were wearing all white but at the end of that yatra, we were like “oh!! God!! These were white shirts na?”

All these incidents were of the day before Holi, the main picture the real Holi, the Holi of Mathura was waiting for us and we mates had no idea what was waiting for us?

Holi in Nidhi Van
Holi in Nidhi Van

Holi – Day in Mathura

The year 2021, the month of March, date 29 that was Holi and we were in Mathura to play Holi. Again, we the tribe of thetravellerbaba were wandering on the streets of Mathura and we decided to visit Vrindavan on the day of Holi till then we were good. We took an auto and headed towards Vrindavan, on the way people on the streets were so happy that they were throwing buckets full of colours and water on our auto. So, you can imagine what was our condition?

After reaching Vrindavan we again started wandering on the streets, visiting temples and playing Holi. Every temple there was full of colours and people were drowning in the colours. Banke Bihari Temple was so amazing that every part of this temple was full of devotees and colours. As you can see in these pictures air was pink there. Outside the temple, there was a layer of slippers on the stairs of the temple. If you open your slippers there, it will be next to impossible to find your slippers when you visit again.

Holi in Mathura
Holi in Mathura

My experience of Holi in Mathura.

For me, a good traveller is one who visits the places on the days for which it is famous. So, this Holi was for me literally was very exciting as I have visited this city couple of times before but never had a chance to celebrate Holi of course, so this year with the best mates we planned this trip to Mathura.

Umm… it was not well planned actually because we just spend two days in this city as you can read from above mentioned that there were approximately seven different types of Holi being celebrated and we only countered two. So, for us, it was a bit low moment but again we promised ourselves that next year if everything goes well then, we will play all seven different Holi in different parts of Mathura. Although these two days of Holi were one of the best days I had. Hope you like my blog on “Holi in Mathura – A worthy experience.”

Till then….


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