how to vist Tungnath Temple ?

Tungnath | Chandrashila | Chopta Valley – Trek to the highest Shiva temple in the world. All these places are connected to one another. I have seen people who generally get confused in all these names. Here in this blog, I will try to solve doubts about this place. So please have patience.

In this blog, Tungnath | Chandrashila | Chopta Valley – Trek to the highest Shiva temple in the world you will know how things work in the valley and how will you survive in the cold weather.


Chopta Valley

If you want to visit “the highest Shiva temple in the world” i.e. Tungnath then you have to first reach the valley i.e., “Chopta”. A small village in Uttarakhand, India. You know the most amazing thing about this place is? it is still unspoiled by us humans, this small village is in the lap of The Himalayas, no one has ruined it till now with the proper Himalayan vibes you will get once you reach there.

view of Chopta Valley
view Chopta Valley

So, now the question is How can we reach Chopta? What other things are also there so that we can also visit some other places too. So here I am again. To help you to solve all these queries.

Chopta is popularly known as the “Mini Switzerland” of India. I heard about this place when I was traveling to “Kedarnath” in 2018, I was like, “the highest Shiva Temple in the world”? are you kidding? People were like “check it on google”.

So, since then I was planning a trip to this valley and the highest Shiva temple in the world. On a simple note, if you are planning to visit “Chopta” visit between “April to November” because from “December till March” there will be so much snow that will be next to impossible to trek.

How to get to the valley?

If you have your own vehicle then you can easily visit the valley with the help of maps. But if you don’t have one then, this blog is for you, visit Haridwar rent a bike or car (if you hiring a car then it will cost Rs. 8000/- car, will be Swift Dzire) you can drive it to the valley or take a driver with you, whatever you wish.

But, if again all these options are unworthy then you can take a bus from “Haridwar to Kund”, ticket price will be approx. Rs.350/- per person. But, in case if they deviate the route (via New Tehri) because of road construction, then it will cost you Rs. 450/- per person and add 4-5 hrs. more.

After reaching “Kund” you have to wait for few minutes for the next bus, which will drop you at “Ukhimath”. If questions are arising, that you have to change buses to reach Chopta? Then, the answer is “Yes” you have to. After reaching “Ukhimath” you have to hire a sharing taxi that will drop you at the Chopta Valley. The taxi will cost you around Rs. 300/- but it totally depends on you, you knew na how to bargain? Valley is around 30km. form Ukhimath.

road to Ukhimath to Chopta Valley
Ukhimath to Chopta Valley

After reaching “Chopta Valley” settle down, there are rooms and tents service are available you have will find one after getting there, price is variable. Keep warm clothes with yourself because, with the setting sun, the temperature decreases accordingly.

Okay, now from here your trek starts to the highest Shiva temple in the world is just a few km. away from you.

Tungnath – The highest Shiva temple in the world.

If you are devoted to Lord Shiva then you must have wondered about this temple or at least heard about this temple, or you have thoughts one day I will visit this temple. This temple is one of the “Panch Kedar” and this is the third one on that list. The altitude of this temple is approx. 3,690mts. i.e., nearly 12,000 ft. that makes it the highest Shiva temple in the world. The literal meaning of Tungnath is Lord of the peaks. This temple has somehow the same structure as Kedarnath.

Tungnath Temple, the heighest Shiva temple in the world.
Tungnath Temple


Tungnath is identified as the place where the bahu (hands) were seen, I guess you all know about the “Panch Kedar”, and the hump was seen at the Kedarnath. In my last blog i.e., Kedarnath, I had written about “Panch Kedar”. According to mythology, the Pandavas built temples at each of these locations to worship and venerate Lord Shiva, seeking his pardon and blessings. Each temple is identified with a part of the bull or Shiva’s body.

When to trek?

Now, let’s talk about the trek to the highest Shiva temple in the world, if you want to see the real view of the Himalayas then, in my opinion, start your trek at 3 a.m then only you will get to the top on time. I am telling you the view is more important than your sleep if you are a real traveler. Just don’t miss it, buddy!!!!! You will regret it for the of life.

Trek is about 5 km, from the valley, but if you acquire a tent service then add some more kilometers to your trek. Okay I am assuming that you are starting at 3 a.m., as I visited there in November and started at 3 a.m., so I will tell you accordingly, and it is the toughest time to trek.

How to trek?

  1. A good pair of shoes

All over the trek, there is so much slippery snow that you will need a good pair of boots and it helps you keep your feet warm.

2. Proper clothing.

If you are trekking in the winter then you will need to do proper clothing as the temperature will be near negative.

3. A torch

If you are trekking at 3 a.m. then it’s just for you to have a good torch that will help you to see the way.

4. Snacks

It can also be considered an important tool in the trek. Because it will boost your energy, snacks like dry fruits, chocolates, biscuits, etc. can help you a lot.


Chandrashila’s literal meaning is “Moon Rock”. There are stories about this place is lord Rama meditated here after killing Ravana the demon king. And another story says that Moon-god “Chandra” spent time here in penance.

At the top of Chandrashila summit.
Chandrashila, view from the top

Chandrashila is situated at 4000mtrs. from sea level nearly around 13,000ft. from here you can see the sunrise. That’s what I am telling you about to start your trek at 3 a.m. Then, you will see the exceptionally beautiful sunrise of your life.

Trek for this summit is quite tough, it is approximately 3 km. from the Tungnath, the path is so narrow that at some point that you will have to use your only one step at a time to complete the trek. Sometimes it feels like if you slip then there will be no trace of yours. On the other hand, the path is so steep that you can lose your breath, so be prepared for one of the amazing treks of your life.

Have a safe yatra to Tungnath | Chandrashila | Chopta Valley – Trek to the highest Shiva temple in the world.


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