Trek to Kheerganga

As a trekker what we all love to do is trekking, isn’t it? So, this time with full of dedication we three started to plan a trek, a good one, a hard one, a challenging one, a trek to Kheerganga. As I have seen pictures of my friend from this trek, all were amazing. But the main thing about this trek was how to start? and when to start? we were a bit confused actually.

We planned our trip, it was all amazing, safe (not all parts of course), and exciting. So, without any confusion in this blog, I am giving you the tips for your trek to Kheerganga, because it is confusing if you are traveling there for the first time.

How to get Kheerganga?

This is the most frequent question asked while traveling to Kheerganga, but the way is so simple. What we have done was we took a bus from Delhi (Kashmiri Gate) to Bhuntar (Himachal Pradesh) and from there cab for the Kasol, cab facility was given by the bus. From Kasol we walked approximately 5 to 7 km. for Manikaran Gurudwara. And from there we took a local bus for the “Barsaini” village, let’s say it is the base for the Kheerganga trek, here you will find some good hotels at an affordable rate and the hotel will provide you camp above. This trek is about 14 km with the serene beauty of The Himalayas and the dense forest of the region.

After reaching Kheerganga, we found a Kund of hot springs and after having a bath in the Kund it felt like we took a bath in “Malai” (cream).

This trek was so special for me because of its toughness and the story behind its name “Kheerganga” (follow the link for the story).

After returning from the trek there were many questions from friends and families about the trek. So, I opted for some serious ones, have a look it may help you.

Q. Is the Kheerganga trek difficult?

Ans. Yes, it is. 14 km are really long on a plain surface and then it is a mountain, so you can have an idea from that.

Q. How much time does it take to complete the Kheerganga trek?

Ans. For us, it took 3-4 hrs. we took so many photos and videos during our trek. It totally depends on your trekking skill.

Q. Can a beginner do the Kheerganga trek?

Ans. Depending upon the stamina and if he is not a smoker then a person can easily do the trek.

Q. Which route is best for the Kheerganga?

Ans. There are two routes for the trek to Kheerganga one is from the forest and the second is from the village, you can trek from either of them both have its own fun, in my opinion, start from one side and come back from the other side. Both routes meet at a place and from there Kheerganga is approx. 3-4 km.

Q. Can we do the Kheerganga trek in one day?

Ans. Yes, you can if you start your trek on time and you have good speed then you surely complete it in one day.

Q. Can we trek to Kheerganga without a guide?

Ans. Yes surely you can, there is no such tough trek, yes in some places it may be tricky from the forest side but it’s okay. But if you are a noob and haven’t done trekking before then you need it, don’t be egoistic in having a guide.

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