Everything about Varanasi (foods and places)

“Varanasi”, “Kashi”, “Banaras”, all three names of this beautiful city. A city of Lord Shiva, a city with temples, a city with good food, a city with our holy river the Ganga, a city with amazing streets in India, a city with astounding history. Overall, we can say that a city with everything. Everything that makes this city unique. This blog will tell you almost everything about Varanasi (foods and places). This blog will deal with the places that you must visit in this city and the mouth-littering foods of this city. This is what we need in an unknown city.

Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga

Outside view of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, mosque that was made by Aurangzeb.
Outside view of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Varanasi”, for me this city is an emotion. When I visited this city of Lord Shiva, my eyes were full of tears they were asking my permission to come out. Since my childhood, I have visited this city countless times but still never got any chance to roam this city. This city has also one of the 12 Jyotirlinga and that is “Kashi Vishwanath”. This city was on my bucket list for a long time and finally, the day had arrived.

What “Everything about Varanasi” means?

“Everything about Varanasi (foods and places). ” means from history to the present culture of the Varanasi and of course the street foods too. Because without them it is all waste, and if you want to get the real essence of Varanasi then you have to visit the streets of this city. That’s why I have given the heading “Everything about Varanasi (foods and places)”

Let’s begin roaming the city with “thetravellerbaba. in” and find out everything about Varanasi (foods and places).

13 places to visit in Varanasi

  1. Kashi Vishwanath Temple: Kashi Vishwanath Temple, for which this city is famous for this lord Shiva Temple. A temple of history, many exciting stories lie inside the temple. Take blessings of Lord Shiva.
  2. Assi Ghat: One of the famous ghats in the city of Varanasi and quite historical too. Every ghat here, tells you the story. Varieties of the Ghats are there but Assi Ghat has its own significance and it is so beautiful too, with a good sitting space and amazing architecture near the ghat. You can also watch Ganga aarti in this ghat of Varanasi.
  3. Dashashwamedh Ghat: I have visited many ghats in India but this ghat is something special, you will find yourself connected here, an amazing view of the river Ganga, beautiful graffiti paintings on the walls of this ghat make it more beautiful. This is one of the beautiful Ghats of Varanasi.  
  4. Manikarnika Ghat: This ghat will show you the real meaning of life, where life meets death. This ghat is popular for cremation. There are saying if you get cremated here you will attain salvation.
  5. Banaras Hindu University: B.H.U was established in 1916 and it is the largest residential university in Asia. You can visit the campus of the university without any pass. Must visit the campus, it’s one of the memorable experiences.
  6. Vishwanath Temple: Vishwanath Temple is located inside the campus of B.H.U. one of most amazing fact about this temple is, this is the tallest temple in the world. Its height is about 250 feet. This temple is one of the best attractions in the city.
  7. Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ji Temple: The fact about the temple is, this temple is established by our beloved Sri Goswami Tulsidas in the early 16th century and this temple is situated on the banks of the Assi river. if you are planning to visit this temple on Tuesday, then be sure that you have extra time and because here it takes long hours to get puja done.
  8. Sarnath: Sarnath is a place located 10 kilometers away from Varanasi city. The deer park in Sarnath is where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma.
  9. Ramnagar Fort: Ramnagar a place in Varanasi. This fort was built in 1750 in Mughal style by the King of that time Raja Balwant Singh. If you want to visit the place then plan properly, the fort opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. This is something you will enjoy if you are interested in history.
  10. Ganga Aarti: Ganga Aarti is not just an aarti offering to the river Ganga but it is pure emotion for the people of Varanasi and people who visited the place the first time, it doesn’t matter how many times you visit the place you will always find it interesting. The main ghats for the Ganga Aarti are Assi Ghat and Dasaswawedh Ghat. In my suggestion visit both the ghats. If you want to see how grand the ceremony is done at both the ghats. Aarti starts at both the ghats at 6 p.m.
  11. Kaal Bhairav Temple: Kaal Bhairav is also a form of Shiva, a fiercer form a more dangerous form. It is situated just 500 meters from Kashi Vishwanath Temple. If you visit this temple don’t forget to roam in the interior streets of Varanasi, there you will find the real essence of old Varanasi.
  12. Shri Durga Temple: Do you know what I found interesting in the temples? Their architecture and their colour, for me these two things are one of the most essential parts of the temple.  Suppose if you visit Kedarnath then you will find the architecture quite amazing. Here I am talking about the Durga temple of Varanasi which is located near Assi Ghat, it is also popularly known as the Monkey temple too. Of course, for the creatures that are residing near this temple. Talking about the colour and architecture of the temple, colour of the temple is deep red we can say that it is near to marron and the architecture is quite impressive too. This temple is approx. 300 years old.
  13. Harishchandra Ghat: Harishchandra Ghat is one of the oldest ghats of Varanasi, it is believed that being cremated here leads a person to attain salvation.

Streets foods of Varanasi.

Do you love street food? Add Varanasi to your bucket list. The street foods of this city are one of the best you can get I can bet you that. As I have mentioned above, I am writing about everything about Varanasi and if I don’t mention the street foods of this city then I will not do justice for this city. So, let’s eat the street foods of Varanasi from my blog.

  1. Malaio (Makhan Malai) You are in Varanasi then it’s one of the recommended things for you, i.e., Malaio, it is mainly created in winters, it takes approximately eight hours to prepare this delicious dessert. If you are in Varanasi and especially in winter then must try this. In every corner of Varanasi, you will get this dessert called “Malaio”.
  2. Banarasi Paan: Have you heard of the Bollywood song “Khai k Paan Banaras Wala”? Here I am eating the “Varanasi Paan” one of the most recommended things in Varanasi. I ate Banarasi Paan at “Keshav Tambul Bhandar” near Shri Guru Ravidass Gate, it is said that this shop has one of the best Paan of Varanasi. If you are a Paan lover you can go for it.
  3. Chole Samosas: Talking about the Shri Guru Ravidass Gate, you just need to visit B.H.U a walking distance from Shri Guru Ravidass Gate, you will find one of the best Chole Samosas in the city. You know, I asked one of my friends where in B.H.U. I find this shop? He replied the one shop which has the longest queue will be that shop. You can guess how famous this Chole Samosas of B.H.U is.
  4. Cold Coffee of B.H.U: If you are in B.H.U then you can try cold coffee too, I guess after Chole Samosas, this is what you can add to your stomach too.
  5. Pehlwaan Ji Lassi Waale: Near Shri Guru Ravidass Gate you will find this “Pehlwaan Ji lassi Waale” if you are lassi lover then you can go for it.
  6. Shri Ram Bahar Sweets: This shop is near Kashi Vishwanath Temple, after taking blessings from Lord Shiva you can do your breakfast from this shop.
  7. Laxmi Chai Waale: I am not a chai person but still I visited this place for the curiosity why all people of Varanasi talking about this shop, so out of curiosity I visited this shop, in their menu was “Safed Makhan Toast” a toast with white butter on it, literally I am telling you it was delicious that mouth is filled with water writing this blog. This is near Kashi Vishwanath temple. I am telling you, please do a visit this shop and taste their “Safed Makhan Toast”.
  8. Kashi Chaat Bhandar: The name is enough to guess this shop, here you will get one of the best Chaat in Varanasi. The shop is located near Dashashwamedh Ghat and Kashi Vishwanath Temple. There are varieties of Chaat are there but in my suggestion take “Tamatar Chhat” one of the famous and tastiest of this shop.

So, this is it!! And here our trip end. I guess everything famous in Varanasi is in front of you. Hope reading this blog is worthy of your time. Thank you, as the name of this blog is “Everything about Varanasi (foods and places).” I guess I have mentioned everything that a tourist can cover in their two to three days of the trip. Hope you all liked this.

Watch my vlog here: https://youtu.be/85CJdemP7js

Har Har Mahadev

Yours Thetravellerbaba.


On a frank note, if you are visiting Varanasi then you must know how to bargain because there you will need that for sure, every corner of the city will try to empty your pocket especially the auto drivers and the pandas on the ghat. So, try to be clever.

On the other hand, there are some people too who will guide you to the city and give you a map of the city while talking to you. So, there are some good people too in the city.

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